skye, 26, she/they //main: smooch's art!

about skye!!!
OCs aaaa!!

sailor moon redraw!

so i saw this challenge was going around and i had never drawn ms. moon before so..... i decided to!! (original pic under the read more!)

i did a project in a notebook app on my ipad (drawings done in procreate) for the animal crossing direct, and these are the highlights!

i decided to look at my really old drawings i have on my ac tumblr and thought, “hmm, what if i redrew that?” so here we are!! over 6 ½ years difference, i have a ways to go yet but if this is how my art might be this year, i’m okay with it! i’ve improved so much and overall it looks pretty good!

i also did a request for someone in @/crossingchannel's (on twitter and youtube) discord

aaaaaaa posting this late :( yesterday was bob's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

using my own switch, i finished my switch art study!! i see imperfections and i wasn’t sure what to do with the background, but i’m satisfied and it was great experience!!

i decided to redraw an april 2018 art of my oc seren, who looked more angsty than she does now but :3c y'know... happy!! also she's a very sleepy angel

part of an art trade with @/kgfsketch on instagram!!

so, 100 days, huh? (posting this a day late BUT THAT JUST MEANS there's 99 days!!)

i got inspiration from old cartoons for protag choices if i ever made a game

it me only different...... yet the same

a probably unfinished fictional/ac world me :+) why do i make all my art so small.... it's an accident u.u

big love for invader zim !!!!

platonic, romantic, i shall leave it up to your interpretation~

psyduck.... a kindred spirit