skye, 25, she/they

| about skye!!! | OCs aaaa!! |

i got inspiration from old cartoons for protag choices if i ever made a game

it me only different...... yet the same

a probably unfinished fictional/ac world me :+)
why do i make all my art so small.... it's an accident u.u


big love for invader zim !!!!

platonic, romantic, i shall leave it up to your interpretation~

bugs bunny (meme) from looney tunes, chuck jones, by slepy!

you already know

psyduck.... a kindred spirit

an imp oc i made SIMPLY for me seeing my discord icon wrongly
whiiiich the explanation via images is in the read more!!

my laptop's out for repair and i have limited cc on this older one, so i created a sim and decided to draw her :D her name's idris!!

sobs first "real" draw with my cintiq in months

yes, i am aware the person on the left looks like masao from shin chan

i'm not having a very good time drawing as of late bc i do not like my style!!!!! sooooooo tentative names as well as ocs :grimacing: help...

a quick kazooie bc idrk how to draw :')

hhhh the program i do binary tools/pencil brush with fixed their 2px to not be 1px anymore but their 1px brush now sometimes has breaks in it or just doesn't work...... so it looks like you make 4 brush strokes but when you undo it all goes away bc it's one stroke :((

my internet is back and i'm working on an animal crossing piece i'm mighty proud of overall :'))

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2nd attemptĀ 

been arting in my intrnet drought...... sadly not much i wanna post but i have a tiny comic to post soon if i can >:0